Tea Party with Cream

I’m not really going to rehash much on the fundamentals of the Tea Party movement. Just want to reflect on the rationale we keep hearing about gatherings being predominantly white and then the grand extrapolation that they’re racist (truthfully they mean bigoted.)

Logic must be dead… What is the most prevalent “race” in the US?  “European-style” white people. Who is the most politically engaged group (even during the Obama campaign.) Those same white people. Statistically, who pays more taxes? Those greedy white people.

So statistically we come to the obvious conclusion that Tea Partiers are  racist.

Let us apply that to other gatherings where logical statistics equals racism.

Bunch of white racists:

The NHL – The Shenandoah Valley in Virginia – Vermont – The PGA… the KKK? 

Bunch of black racists:

The NBA – SE Washington, DC – NAACP – Black Miss America… Black Panthers?

Bunch of Hispanic racists:

Puerto Rico – Tobacco farm laborers?

Bunch of Asian racists:

Nail salons – Chinese restaurant “sleeper cells”

Bunch of Indian racists:

Going by Joe Biden, 7-Eleven

Must love our natural right to assembly, as it apparently amuses Dear Leader since we should all be thanking him for allowing our existence. He may not want to be, but why do so many comments from him sound like he would like to be a dictator?


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“Through all the arbitrary rationale concerning liberty; freedom, I must say, exists within unconditioned minds.” 

“Reason has come to age…” 

Open the subtle manipulation, place them in front of a television and let the conditioning begin. Viacom.

 Go Diego Go – We’re watching the molding of an eco-terrorist. Have a hunch he traded in his testicles for his own show, most boys voices don’t get higher with age. 

Dora – Preparing for an invasion? Those colors are flashing in a specific sequence and Tico’s got your number.

Max & Ruby – The UNCRC (United Nations Covention on the Rights of a Child) gone mad. Parents anyone?

 Moose A. Moose – the cryptic proletariat everyman.

 Wonder Pets – Animal rights gone awry. A crippled bullfrog on a cart?  Celery for a duck!

 Lazytown – Waiting for Michelle to move in and ram that sports candy down your subjugated throat.

 Wow Wow Wubbzy – What? Sometimes tolerance is not acceptable.

 The Backyardigans – Multiculturalism run amok and there’s something a little too catchy about their songs.

 Ni’ Hao Kai Lan  – Preparing for the real invasion.

 Olivia – Talking pigs never worked out too well since Animal Farm.

 Oobi – Reminds me of some utilitarian propaganda film. Forced to watch, to laugh, to conform.

 Little Bear – Is it hunting season yet?

 Yo Gabba Gabba – I do like the presentation but the life lessons are a bit condescending.

 Who would have ever thought, the only uncivilized sanity of freedom left is SpongeBob SquarePants.   My name is Pat-Back!   

 “Who will suffer the laws that state can decide your child’s education unless you pay the price?”

Why do we accept education should be provided by the government? In truth, why is education compulsory? All the humanitarians will now rush forth and speak of the indolence of parents, corporate child labor abuse, sexism and racial oppression if schooling were not mandatory. On top of that, it benefits society if all people are “educated.”

Shed what has been fed and ponder this concept. Is education mandated by the Constitution? If school was not required would the system cease to exist? Does not a successful life require some sort of improvement through education? But what type or extent – who should make that decision, the government? College should be the prototype for all education – selection and choice  (though it’s now becoming High School Part Deux, just with more booze and STD’s.)

Reeling back to indolence, it is the real bane of free education. It is simply easier to ship your kid off to a government babysitter and not think about anything else – what values or whose perspective they will learn. This is the country where, during the February 2010 blizzard, serious debate arose over how children on the free or reduced lunch program would eat with schools being closed for almost two weeks.

Most of us pay taxes to fund schools even if we have grown children, children in private schools or homeschooled, or no children at all. With the private or homeschooling routes, you are paying taxes for schools you don’t use and then paying extra money for the system you do. Does this make any sense? Oh, and wad that “Better for society” crap into a bougie and follow the instructions carefully.

Education is to better the individual.

Schools should solely be operated locally with nothing higher than limited state involvement. Destroy the NEA. Dismantle the Department of Education. Slough indoctrination and complacency. Be free. 

“Who will suffer the laws? Who will suffer their minds? Who will suffer their words? Who will suffer their designs?”

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Recall of the Infantino baby carriers last week brought a collective sigh of relief and appreciation for government security. Or did it? What it delivered was unwarranted apprehension on an industry and lifestyle and another illustration of the superfluous government behemoth. In the middle of this all, the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How many people in the days following were asked (or told) with great concern about the hazards of their carriers, when this was a brand and model specific warning. According to the CPSC report 3 babies died in these Infantinos in 2009. And now there is a stigma on all slings amongst an unknowing public and a government not interested in educating. Through some brief browsing I found a CPSC article iterating between 1997-2002 there were 156 crib-related deaths. For cultural reasons mostly, do we hear of the terrible scourge of killer cribs and how they are all dangerous? Motor vehicle injuries and drowning (according to the CDC) remain the top two killers of young people, but the concern over these are even less manifest in a public accustomed to these perils.

The single death of a child would be unfathomable and I would not want to endure it,  nor wish it upon anyone, nor dismiss anyone who had, yet taken in context, the CPSC says it is investigating 14 sling-related deaths in 20 years. This is an infinitesimal threat to public safety. And now, why are we wasting money on this?

Once the government steps in, people just come to accept its role as necessary. We had no CPSC until the Consumer Protection Safety Act in 1972. It was devised to protect us from risky products and to remedy issues by coordinating recalls and in the most extreme circumstances, ban items. Once again, we the consumers are morons who cannot do anything for ourselves or make informed decisions. It may seem cold, but the argument that some people will not make informed decisions does not fly as my personal freedom should not suffer due to their indolence.

We do not need the government to tell us or even dictate what is “unsafe” to us, and how dare they ban an item which does not pose an adverse risk to society as a whole. Bad products will be weeded out by the free market as they will not sell. The specter of greed always frightens people as they think companies will sell anything to cut a profit, but would they sacrifice future longevity for an unsafe product? People also feel unsafe items would not be caught (or at least quickly enough) unless the government is control of this function. We rarely learn about issues before something dire happens anyway. Do we not think private industry vendors such as Consumer Report could not do the same thing more efficiently and without taxpayer funding? Sentiment seems to be government is inefficient and corrupt, yet  it is more trustworthy than a private firm? The CPSC has no accountability to us. CR provides the perfect example, they provide information and people use it to make informed decisions about their purchases, no intrusions, nothing more.

Take the  CPSIA legislation about lead (and other chemical) content in childrens items passed in 2009. Why make lead testing mandatory? Simply make labeling mandatory so the consumers can make their decision. If a tested toy and an untested toy are on the shelf -which is likely to be purchased and which will disappear? Again we would hear the cries of those who don’t pay attention being hurt, but we cannot live by the least common denominator.

Does the government have any right to tell us what we can or cannot purchase on the open market? Personal safety is my responsibility; I have not handed it over to the CPSC. The same could be said of the FDA, why is it their place to dictate what drugs I am “allowed” to take. If I want to take an unapproved, experimental cancer medication, I can’t. Does that make any sense? My decision harms no one else and that is the gauge of true freedom. Why can’t we grasp the notion of private groups like Consumer Report, Underwriters Laboratories or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety providing data for our purchasing information? Competition would grow in this sector, honing it, and we could excise useless bureaucracy. But will we ever stir, break the latch and detach from the the cold mechanical teat of government?

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Mad Distemper Strikes Both Beggars and Kings

On Saturday, President Obama said the now-passed medical welfare bill was middle of the road policy. Unfortunately, it does not matter which side of the road you drive on when it leads to Hell…

Just before the vote Sunday night, Nancy Pelosi tried to convince someone this bill was fulfilling the Founders’ original vision of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I have to ask does she really believe this, or was she trying to convince herself. At what point did the Founders concede the government would be the vehicle to convey those natural rights? Why didn’t Pelosi just say she was fulfilling Benjamin Franklin’s promise that the Constitution could not guarantee tyranny would not arise if the people allowed it?

The left always wants us to forget the states were settled by the free-thinkers and individualists who rejected European-style government domination (and the same for later immigrants.) Those few supporters of the crown ended up in Canada (surprise.) Freedom is, in truth, innate in us. Sadly, some of us are devolving.

Earlier in the day, one of the Stupak Stooges said with this bill’s passage, no longer would a woman have to get an abortion because she could not afford the medical care to carry the baby to term. I’m sorry – I didn’t know pregnancy was an illness! Babies don’t die because you don’t see a doctor. When did people become so brain-dead? There are midwives, charities, etc who would be glad to help during a pregnancy. As much as I loathe the concept – there is Medicaid. If you visited a midwife prenatally and delivered in an emergency room, would it not be worth the cost? God forbid you have to pay for it. Sounds like a couple of excuses embedded in the Congresswoman’s statement.

Let us look at the inverse. Do we not think this bill will eventually have disincentives for having “too many” children. If the government has a vested interest in “the cost” of health care, would it not seek to reign in exposure? Or is that just the practice of the nefarious insurance companies who have the power to enforce nothing?

But here lies the true puzzle, if health care, or whatever the hell it’s called today, is now a fundamental right – how can the government limit it? If treatment is a right then care can never be denied for any reason. If I want a new hip and I am 102 and in a wheelchair with only one leg, I better get it. If I want Medicare to pay for lengthening my penis so I can urinate  in the toilet without getting out of my Rascal, I better get it. How can a right be unlimited if it requires money and services from so many other people? How is it even a right? There in lies the conundrum.

No longer will being an American citizen be a pre-existing condition; now you’ll have to show your insurance papers.

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Hey Vernal, It’s an Equinox

And so it seems we close out the most monumental snow season I have ever experienced. As of  March 20th we have tallied 106″. Since our time here in the highlands, the most we have had was 36″ in the ’06-’07 winter. The next two winters brought only about 24″ each but 3-4″ of ice. Our first truly measurable  snow of this season occurred on October 17th. From December 11 to March 11, we only had two days without full snowcover. I know it’s not the UP in Michigan but it’s been a fabulous winter, and who knows; we had snow in April last year.

Some notable accumulations:

October 17, 2009 – 3″  —  December 11, 2009 – 8″  —  December 18, 2009 – 24,”  this was the first monster 

 January 21, 2010 – 3,” this replenished the ground cover which had finally just melted

January 30, 2010 – 8,” the one which actually hit southern Virginia harder

February 02, 2010 – 5″  —  February 05, 2010 – 33.5,” the monster of all monsters we have ever seen, surreal

February 10, 2010 – 11.5,” another beast and the one true blizzard for us  —  March 02, 2010 – 3″

March 11, 2010 – torrential downpours over the course of three days finally melts the foot or so which still remained

Now I do have to agree that anyone who tries to say this proves global warming is not occurring is truly pushing too hard, as I would complain using short term data to support global warming is improper. One bad hurricane and a few wildfires really prove nothing. Supporters of GW would rebut that this was one of the warmest Januarys on record as the temperatures  in northern Canada and other higher latitudes experienced warmer weather than usual. Hence GW caused all the snow.

I shall refrain from reciting the details but you must follow Joe Bastardi at Accuweather; he is one of the most rational observers of climate which I can find. He does not dismiss people could cause problems but he simply analyzes data, says it is too early to tell anything definitive and sees many trends which the Church of Global Warming does not like. His analysis of this January predicted and later showed the same results. He based this on El Nino effects and negative Arctic Oscillation, what he calls mutually exclusive events which without either one we would have had the coldest January on record. Read the whole entry here, it truly and succinctly depicts reserved, rational and long term climate data observation, not knee-jerk marxism.

While still over at Accuweather, I came across this great one.  I’m going to have to revisit this for Earth Day, but there is a Canadian study which “surprisingly” found “green” consumers are meaner and stingier than those who shopped in a more conventional manner. The article seemed to try and explain this as the greenies typically have less disposable income because of their purchasing habits.

To me it seems to again support the adage, “Socialists are always generous with other people’s money.”

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Accidental Salvia

Random I know; perhaps the divinorum.

Two great quotes from a couple films the kids were watching this weekend.

Mr. Incredible laments, “They keep creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity…”

Government student loans for everyone! (Oh, and no free market alternative?)

And Amidala reflects, “So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.”

Funny how people can imagine subterfuge and the surreptitious but fail to see the same mechanisms in the reality. Star Wars is hardly political science but it does offer an exhaustive depiction of the methodical use of deception, misdirection and the exploitation of fear to restructure government and society into a self-serving, oppressive utopia.

V anyone?

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Where on a chicken are the nuggets?

Before I get to the ridiculous, I’ll delve into a none too surprising trend.  A recent Forbes article rated the 25 richest counties in the country by median household income. Not that I can claim displeasure, but eight of the municipalities were in Virginia (Loudoun, Fairfax, Fairfax city, Arlington, Stafford, Prince William, Alexandria city, Goochland) with Loudoun and Fairfax Counties claiming the top two spots respectively.

But here’s the unsettling aspect of this, seven of those are part of metro DC and adding in the four Maryland counties (Montgomerey, Charles, Calvert and Howard) the area claims eleven of the 25 spots. Does this not vex you?

Okay on to the idiocy. Review this story from the Huffington Post. Short synopsis is thus: Sarah Palin disparages the progressive health care plan but now admits she used to go to Canada for treatment. Only at the end do we learn this was when she was six years old. Damned hypocrite!

Rep. Anthony Weiner whines about her self-aggrandizing, propagandizing hypocrisy as a follow-up. I don’t care what you think about Sarah Palin; this premise is nothing but asinine. Let me try it.

Perhaps I am taking liberties, but I found out Rep. Weiner fondled another woman’s breasts besides his fiancée’s (maybe wife by now, don’t know.)  So much for that staunch devotion. I have uncovered Rep. Weiner was breast-fed until he was a year old. Damned miscreant!

Imagine the applications of this template.

Who should realistically spawn more trepidation with their prospects of seizing the government: progressives or the “radical right wing” exemplified by that insane Kansas church which protests at soldiers’ funerals saying they are burning in Hell for fighting for a country which accepts gays? Someone’s breaking the third commandment. Misuse of the Lord’s name anyone?

Why are people so scared of some inconceivable radical “Christian” oligarchy? With what answer does the historical evidence lie? And no moron, the Nazis were not right wing.

Let the ennui fester and overlook the karst effect of your drool on your soul.

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